Monday, September 1, 2014

Wander-full: Red Rock Canyon's First Creek Trail

Happy Labor Day, everyone! I was one of the lucky people that had both school + work off today and I chose to spend it outside adventuring with one of my very favorite people and my wonderful dog, Ivy. Today we hiked First Creek Trail, which is a fantastic hike to do that is right outside of the Red Rock Conservation Area in Las Vegas. This hike is super easy, and is really good for kids.

  • Bring water- it's a desert out there! I know you're going to go to some falls, but even at 100 degrees today the hike felt strenuous (especially for Ivy) at times. She needed a few breaks to make it here with all of that fur she has.
  • Bring sunblock! Skin cancer is no joke and the sun in the Las Vegas valley is crazy.
  • DO NOT hike this if you think there is a flash flood possible. This trail does have some pretty steep areas when you're getting into the grotto, so it's best to stay out if there's a warning about fast moving water.

The trail to the little grotto is not clearly marked, and Bird and Hike has a fantastic explanation for what to look for when you're on the trail to get there.

We saw tons of little fish, tadpoles of  California Tree Frogs, water spiders, water fleas, and crayfish in the pool. It was still deep in the middle of summer, but it can get extremely flooded in the spring and be an even better treat. I'm sure I'll be heading back down there when it's a bit colder and Ivy can handle it better.

Total Distance: ~1.5 miles
Rating: Easy

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